Inspiring impactful, lifelong learning across the Arabic-speaking world to help build communities and positively contribute to society and culture.

SAT-7 has always been committed to holistic programming, with the aim of ministering to people in all areas of their life: spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical. And, while we are always seeking to build such ideas into our on-air programing for kids we also need to address the needs and attitudes of poorly trained teachers and parents, most of whom have not themselves experienced a form of education that goes beyond rote learning, where violence has been the normal way of maintaining class and home discipline and where an obsession with coming up with “the right” answers has stunted any free thought…or the concept that there might actually be no right answers to some questions.

And so, the idea of an Educational Channel, with the name SAT-7 ACADEMY, is in fact much more than just the delivery of instruction modules for kids hungry to learn the basics of literacy and math’s. The concept is much more holistic and much more concerned about the values, attitudes and character of the next generation in the Arab World. It is concerned to see them grow up well and to shape a much more inclusive, creative and democratic society.

Assista Ao Vivo

“Thank you for educating refugee children. As a Syrian myself, I have been concerned, and praying for such a project as SAT-7 ACADEMY. I would like to make a donation. May the Lord continue to bless your vision as you bless the needy children of refugees.”
A viewer on SAT-7’s Facebook page